NZ Data Packs

With our NZ Data Packs you can get online when you need to just about anywhere in NZ, as our Network covers 97% of the places Kiwis live and work. Whether you use the internet to keep in touch, find out where you’re going or simply to be entertained, there are various size Packs to suit your use. Even better, they auto renew each month so you won’t get caught out when you need to get online. 

To buy simply text ‘buy’ and the name of the Pack to 233, or pop onto Your 2degrees to buy it online.

NZ Data Packs image

If you're wondering which Pack to choose, here's a quick guide. You'll use about 1MB of data to look at 10 web pages OR send 13 emails OR send 42 instant messages. However, if you are using mobile-friendly sites your usage is likely to be lower. For more info see how to manage your data.

If you're an existing customer looking for our Zone Data Packs, visit our Zone Data Packs page.

Aussie Data Roaming Packs

If you want even better value mobile data while you’re in Australia, you can buy one of our new Aussie Roaming Packs so you can purchase a pack and use data while you’re in Australia for as little as 3c per MB. Packs are valid for 7 days and you can purchase as many packs as you need while you’re away.

Things you need to know:

  • All NZ Data Packs are valid for 1 month and auto renew at end of validity period (or when nearly out if you have enough credit).
  • Aussie Roaming Packs are valid 7 days from purchase and do not auto-renew. Australian data usage only. When roaming in Australia using a Data Roaming Pack, data usage is rounded to the nearest 5.12KB and a minimum usage of 20.48KB per session applies.
  • If you run out of data and your NZ Data Pack doesn't auto-renew, you will be charged the following rates per MB for the remainder of the validity period of that Data Pack:
    • 100MB and 300MB NZ Data Packs: 50c
    • 1GB and 3GB NZ Data Packs: 20c
  • If you want to unsubscribe from your NZ Data Pack's auto renewal simply text STOP 100MB, STOP 300MB, STOP 1GB or STOP 3GB to 233, or do it online at Your 2degrees. You can continue to use any remaining data until your Pack expires.
  • Usage guide is based on average usage values only, and should not be taken as a definitive indication of cost or usage.
  • If you do not have an active NZ Data Pack and continue to use data, you will be charged at our Standard Data Rate.
  • Check out the full Terms and Conditions.