Will my mobile work on 2degrees?

2degrees is set up to work with pretty much any GSM mobile. So if you've got one of them you're good to go. Just check below to see if yours will work.  And remember, you can always bring your number with you even if you need a new mobile.

If you've got a Vodafone mobile

You're in luck. The vast majority of Vodafone mobiles will work on the 2degrees network. Simply pop in one of our 2degrees SIM cards and you'll be set. Everything should just work, but if you do have problems check out our settings page.  You'll probably find the answers there.

If you've got a Telecom mobile

Things are a little more tricky. None of the old Telecom CDMA mobiles will work on the 2degrees network because Telecom use a different type of technology. If you have one of these mobiles then you're going to need a new one. Check out our Online shop for our range of shiny new mobiles.

If you've got an XT mobile it will work just fine with 2degrees.

If you've got a parallel imported mobile.

You'll need to check the individual model specifications for your mobile. It will need to support 900MHz GSM. If you can't find your mobile's user manual, have a look at GSM Arena.

A lot of overseas providers lock their mobiles to their network. If this is the case, you'll need to get in touch with them to request the unlocking code.