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2degrees Plans & Pricing

We have a range of plans to suit your needs, with the convenience of receiving a monthly bill. You also have the flexibility to choose whether you want to bring your own phone on a Freedom Term which rewards you with more value, and gives you the freedom of not being locked into a contact. Or join on a 24 month Term and get a Plan Bonus to use towards a new phone.

PLUS Join on a $119 or $149 Share Everything Plan by 2 November and we'll double your data for 24 months.

  • Bring your own phone

    (Freedom Term)

    Bring your own phone on a Freedom Term and you'll be rewarded with more monthly value, on Carryover and Share Everything Plans.

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  • Need a new phone?

    (24 Month Term)

    When you choose a Carryover or Share Everything Plan on a 24 month term, you'll receive a Plan Bonus which you can use towards purchasing a new phone.

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